The Make+Be+Live Podcast starring Roy Golden | Dorado's Forty Days, Series Two, Day 18: "I Cry Too"

“I Cry Too” | The Make+Be+Live Podcast starring Roy Golden 0218

The Make+Be+Live Podcast
The Make+Be+Live Podcast
"I Cry Too" | The Make+Be+Live Podcast starring Roy Golden 0218



Hidden are the paths that lead us to our destination… Only after we arrive do we finally see our steps.


In Day 08 of my first daily journal series I wrote about the moving experience I had when listening to Kaela Sinclair’s song, “Golden.”


These past few months I’ve listened to more of Kaela’s music on Spotify + YouTube, and I especially enjoyed seeing her early videos…


There is one she did at a women’s music retreat and as she’s singing the new song she wrote the wind nearly blows the lyric sheet off the table and cars are whizzing by in the background, but there’s Kaela, singing right through it, while another talented female musician accompanies her on guitar…


Then there’s the Tiny Desk Concert submission video when I teared up at the end when the credit cutouts came on…


Then there was the legendary Texas Rangers public address voice Chuck Morgan introducing Kaela as she belted out one of the most powerful national anthems I’ve seen in a decade…


Then there’s Kaela onstage playing keys and slaying “Oblivion” with the supergroup M83, first at Sasquatch, then at Red Rocks, and again at my personal favorite, Oakland…


Then there she is on Jimmy Kimmel trying not to crack up as Anthony is staring right at her wearing a Teen Wolf mask while performing “Go!”…






Kaela’s path to this point could never have been guessed, yet here she is. And now it’s clear how she got here: sincere songwriting, tremendous musicianship, powerful vocals, opportunity creation, and above all, over a decades of relentless effort, training, and persistence.


This week she released a new single, “I Cry Too.”


Once again, I got the unique sensation she is singing TO ME. I felt that way about “Golden,” “Second Skin,” “Lock and Key,” and on and on. It’s a testament to her songwriting strength that she can elicit that connection with listeners.


“I Cry Too” is exceptional. In the light of her explanation on Valfre’s blog, and in the beautifully illustrated video interpretation, Kaela’s songwriting skill shines even brighter. (the "Site") uses cookies to remember you and understand how you use the Site. You may review the full privacy and user data (PUDA) policy here. If you do not agree with the Site's use of cookies and user data, you must immediately stop using the Site.