Dorado's Forty Days, Series Two : Days 22-27 "The Plan"




A passionate story by Roy Golden


In the 27th of forty consecutive daily narrative journals, singer + songwriter + speaker Roy Golden continues discussion of the 4 functions of management by stressing the importance of solid planning to achieve worthy goals on the Make+Be+Live podcast. “It’s perfectly okay to spend more than a day preparing the course that will lead you safely to your destination.”


The following excerpt first appeared in an article Roy Golden wrote for Medium.


All I wanted to do was impress a girl. So, in 2014, I embarked on a quest to finish a 20-year quest to write and produce an original album.

FOUR YEARS LATER, I found myself sleeping on the floor of a bedroom studio at night on a mattress that doubled as acoustic wall treatment during recording, mixing, and mastering throughout the day… and the worst part was I couldn’t even remember which girl I was trying to impress in the first place!!!

But I did remember I had a plan. A goal. A worthy goal, in fact. That worthy goal did not changed, nor will it ever change:

“Earn a living to support myself and my family by sharing an intimate, emotional connection with you through the magic of music…”

That, to me, is both an achievable goal and a goal worthy of achievement.

Many business leaders fail miserably when it comes to setting worthy corporate goals.

Do you remember that scene from the movie A Beautiful Mind when the plan was to ignore the super-attractive woman in the bar? Its premise always stuck with me: the best results come when we simultaneously do what is best for us AND the group.

Much too often, corporate goals fail to take into consideration what is simultaneously best for employees, customers, and the company.

In essence, one group is ALWAYS going to get shafted if worthy goals are not carefully and deeply considered from a wide range of differing perspectives prior to implementation.

It is of equal importance to make sure the direction we desire to go is on the right path to achieve a worthy goal. In this way, we can more quickly adjust to meet and overcome unforeseen challenges as they arise.

What is your worthy goal, personally? How about professionally?

It’s perfectly okay to spend more than a day preparing a steady course that will lead you safely to your destination.

’Tis better to remain in the harbor until fully supplied than to prematurely starve at sea. After all… this is the journey of a lifetime.


Roy Golden (Dorado Myself)

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