Dorado's Forty Days, Series Two : Days 32-34 "Lead" - Articulate the vision




A passionate story by Roy Golden


In the 34th of forty consecutive daily narrative journals, singer + songwriter + speaker Roy Golden continues discussion of the 4 functions of management by demonstrating leadership on the Make+Be+Live podcast. “Articulate your vision with certainty, and success will certainly follow your lead.”


The following excerpt first appeared in an article Roy Golden wrote for Medium.




I love that definition of leading. After all, words are my tools and writing is my trade.

Of the four functions of management (Plan, Organize, Lead, Control), leading is the least prominent skill set in the business world, for there are many “leaders” by rank but true “articulators” are few.

We can look throughout history and see that on virtually every occasion we find a successful entrepreneur we find an incredibly skilled communicator. Organizational efficiency depends, in large part, on employees pulling in the same direction with the same goals in mind.

It’s tug o’ war, on a massive scale:

When everyone combines efforts at the same time in the same direction, considerable force is created. Contrastingly, if one or more team members either aren’t providing maximum effort, or even worse, pulling in the wrong direction, the game is assuredly lost.

As leaders, it is our job to communicate corporate goals in such a way that each team member is inspired and motivated to give maximum effort with maximum efficiency.

“Inspired” in the sense that our goal is worthy of achievement; I like to call it “inspired by desire.”

“Motivated” in the sense that exceptional individual effort is compensated fairly.

Leadership is not limited to the corporate world.

Setting worthy goals in our personal lives requires us to utilize leadership skills, too. The more friends and family we have on our side supporting and encouraging us in the journey of life, the greater our chances of short- and long-term success.

Words are powerful, so communicate clearly.

Articulate your vision with certainty, and success will certainly follow your lead.


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